Demographic transformations and inequalities in Latin America: Historical trends and recent patterns


Organizer: Suzana Cavenaghi

Serie Investigaciones 8, ISBN: 978-85-62016-07-3, 368 p.

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Presentation by Suzana Cavenaghi

Introduction by Suzana M. Cavenaghi

Part I: Demographic Transformations, Convergences and Inequalities in Latin America: what the future holds?

1. Urban growth and mobility in Latin America
José Marcos P. da Cunha and Jorge Rodriguez Vignoli

2. Current view of international migration in Latin America
Alejandro I. Canales

3. Evidences of further decline of fertility in Latina America – Reproductive behavior and some thoughts on the consequences on the age structure
Laura L. Rodríguez Wong

4. The pace of convergence of population aging in Latin America: opportunities and challenges
Gilbert Brenes-Camacho

5. Comments by discussant
Ian Pool

Part II: Fertility, Contraception and Reproductive Health in Latin America

6. Fertility and contraception in Latin America: historical trends, recent patterns
Suzana Cavenaghi and José Eustáquio Diniz Alves

7. Unwanted fertility in Latin America: historical trends, recent patterns
John B. Casterline and Jennifer Adams Mendoza

8. Is Latin America starting to retreat from early and universal childbearing?
Luis Rosero-Bixby, Teresa Castro-Martín, and Teresa Martín-Garcia

9. Evaluating the millennium development goal target on universal access to reproductive health: a view from Latin America and the Caribbean
Maren Andrea Jiménez and Jorge Rodríguez Vignoli

Part III: Brief histories on Family Planning Programs and Legislations in selected Latin America and Caribbean Countries

10. The context of family planning in Argentina
Mónica Gogna and Edith Alejandra Pantelides

11. The context of family planning in Brazil
José Eustáquio Diniz Alves

12. The context of family planning in Colombia
Rubby Marcela Martinez Bejarano

13. A brief account of the history of family planning in Costa Rica
María Carranza

14. Family planning and reproductive and sexual health in Cuba
Marisol Alfonso de Armas

15. Haiti: between rhetoric and reality
Gabriel Bidegain

16. Summarized account of family planning in Honduras
David Alexander Figueroa Toruño

17.Contraception policies in Panama: advances and setbacks
Dídimo Castillo Fernández and Mariana Borja Hernández

18. Paraguay: progress and challenges of family planning as a universal right
Claudina Zavattiero

19. The context of family planning in Peru
Teobaldo Espejo Nuñez

20. The family planning context in Uruguay
Raquel Pollero

21. Family planning in Venezuela
Anitza Freitez

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